All our syrups are made in-house daily without preservatives or additives.  Milks, organic oils, and dairy-free options are sourced with utmost care.  Standouts include:  Nitro Cold Brew by Method Roasters, Carbon Bullet Coffee, and The E.T., a combination of dark espresso, lemon verbena syrup and tonic served over ice.


For those who prefer leaves to beans, we offer chai and handcrafted teas from our local partners: Bhakti, Teakoe, and The Sophisticate’s Tea.




Carbon Bullet          5.00

Cafe Carbon            3.00

Cold Brew               3.50/4.50

Drip Coffee            2.75/3.25

Espresso              3.00

Macchiato             3.25

Cortado                 3.25

Latte                     4.00/5.00

Cappuccino           4.00/5.00

Americano             3.25

Chai                       4.00/5.00

Syrup/Alt. Milk       .50

Hot                         2.75/3.25

Iced                        2.00/300

Kombucha             4.00/5.00

Homemade Soda    2.00/3.00

Extra Shot              1.00


We relish the art of latte, and brew richly aromatic, never-bitter black coffee from our award-winning friends at Method Roasters. We’re also proud to partner with Café Richesse—a Brazilian, family-run coffee roaster headquartered in Ft. Collins—the first to import, roast and sell craft beans in CO.


Carbon Coffee is medium-roasted and hand-ground, pulled one shot at a time by our baristas from our super-sleek, high-tech ModBar espresso machine (1 of only 5 in Colorado).